Jason is up LATE #5: Kelly McInerney

This week I sit down with the Comedy Grind-Queen herself, Kelly McInerney. I make a complete dick of myself out of the gate, but then we get into the good stuff! We talk movies, comedy philosophy’s, doucher’s in the comedy scene and a whole bunch more!

..:: music: Black Lemon, Generationals ::..

Jason is up LATE #4: Ryan Talmo

This week I sit down with valley legend, Ryan Talmo. In this episode we talk about family, sexual assault in the comedy scene, Pussy Posse and the great Wendy’s taco salad, plus a shit ton more.

..:: music: Tickle, Eyes Lips Eyes ::..

Jason is up LATE #3: Lisa Chanoux

This weeks guest is the great Lisa Chanoux! Lisa and I get into a myriad of topics that include: drinking, women in comedy, relationships and a whole lot more. Take a listen and go see her live!

Jason is up LATE #2: Andy Pupa

This week I sit down with the very serious and very funny Andy Pupa. We talk about the suicide bug, sports, Andy’s intense sleep schedule and why he does the things he does.