Jason is up LATE #11: Alfred Konuwa & Andy Pupa

What an episode. In this one I try out a new intro, we talk a lot of sports, comedy, family, breaking through the LA comedy scene and we do it all after drinking and hitting a mic. It gets a little wild toward the end, but I promise you it’s a fun one!

..:: music: The South, by The Bummers ::..

Jason is up LATE #10: Stretch SHP

This week I sit down with New Jersey’s own Stretch SHP! We talk about music, his path to comedy, side jobs, growing up, comedy, and how to get to a better place internally when chasing your dream. enjoi!

…:: music: Can I Kick it? A Tribe Called Quest ::..

Jason is up LATE #9: Ryan Schooley

This week I sit down with Orange County’s Ryan Schooley. We talk about a bunch-o-stuff, including: Comedy, our lonely lives, relationships, comedy, writing, comedy, words that we say, our process and I think 19 other things. Ryan is a great comic with the smallest social media presence. FIND him on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.schooley.37

..:: music: Chase Me, Dangermouse feat. Run the Jewels & Big Boi ::..

Jason is up LATE #8: Ramon Hernandez

We are back! After taking a brief week off I sit down with one of Orange County’s favorite son’s and recent winner in Roast Battle, Ramon Hernandez. Ramon and I started around the same time in stand up, so we cover a lot! We touch on: Roast Battle, OC comics, sleep and how we get it, anime and the first time we got the internet. This episode is jam packed with a little something for everyone, and the recap you just read does it no justice.

..:: music: Baby Boy, Felly ::..

Jason is up LATE #7: Kyle Eilerman

This week I sit down with rising youtube star Kyle Eilerman and discuss a lot of topics: High school, Growing up in the mid-west, content, creativity and it ends on one of the weirdest, darkest notes, we’ve ever ended on. Kyle stuck to his talking points (mostly) but we get him to open up about some personal stuff.

..:: music: Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes & Casino, Handmouth ::..

Jason is up LATE #6: Joe Kaye

In this episode I sit down with Staten Islands’ own, Joe Kaye. We talk about a lot of different subjects; how Joe grew up, what type of kid he was, and the music we both love! Ton’s of stuff I’m leaving out because the episode is JAM PACKED!

..:: music: Psyche’s Dagger, Fly Golden Eagle ::..

Jason is up LATE #5: Kelly McInerney

This week I sit down with the Comedy Grind-Queen herself, Kelly McInerney. I make a complete dick of myself out of the gate, but then we get into the good stuff! We talk movies, comedy philosophy’s, doucher’s in the comedy scene and a whole bunch more!

..:: music: Black Lemon, Generationals ::..

Jason is up LATE #4: Ryan Talmo

This week I sit down with valley legend, Ryan Talmo. In this episode we talk about family, sexual assault in the comedy scene, Pussy Posse and the great Wendy’s taco salad, plus a shit ton more.

..:: music: Tickle, Eyes Lips Eyes ::..

Jason is up LATE #3: Lisa Chanoux

This weeks guest is the great Lisa Chanoux! Lisa and I get into a myriad of topics that include: drinking, women in comedy, relationships and a whole lot more. Take a listen and go see her live!

Jason is up LATE #2: Andy Pupa

This week I sit down with the very serious and very funny Andy Pupa. We talk about the suicide bug, sports, Andy’s intense sleep schedule and why he does the things he does.